Moving and Literally Moving On

I had this same feeling back in 2003.  It was a sad feeling knowing that things would never be the same. It was when I left for college fairly aware and conscious of the future. I was sad to leave even though six months prior I had told my parents that I’d had enough of Merrick and was totally content with living in the Gateway Inn on Sunrise Highway. But I knew, sadly, my days in this life and with these people were numbered, and so I stayed on Grace Ave until September (not that my parents wouldn’t let me move to that seedy hotel anyway).

I had this same sad feeling in 2007, the day I moved out of my triplex of Gold Street in NYC. Roe, fittingly, was vomiting on the sidewalk as my Dad rolled up to move me and my roomie back to my childhood home on Grace Ave. Although we had only lived on Gold Street for two years, we’d built so much history there. I’ll never forget the early mornings skipping over dead rat carcasses because our block was so narrow the garbage trucks had no choice but to destroy anything in their way. It was always like the Gettysburg battle field for tiny rodents, and we were mostly too hungover to mourn the little creatures, so we thoughtlessly hopped over them, sort of like the game Frogger.

But I never thought I’d cry the time we moved back out of Merrick and ready to embark on full-fledged adulthood. Our main goal those two years was to get back to Manhattan, so it struck me that I felt such sorrow. I mourned the separation from my mom and brother, the sweet life we had, the stability and the friendship. It wasn’t just about Sex and the City, it was because we were Sex and the City. It was so special, those two years, a new experience at a familiar place but with a new group. And in that moment only I also realized the true meaning of the saying “you can’t go home” — because I never did.

And the reason I am spewing all these tails of loss and past and memory is because last night I sat at the bar with my two colleagues, my friends, laughing uncontrollably. I laughed so hard I realized I might actually have abs underneath this belly which has become unrecognizable from excess Mac and cheese. We laughed so hard about things I can’t write because of the inappropriate nature, which is pretty much the norm for us. Similar to when I left for college, I realized things will never be the same. Us three will never be here again, in the same situation we are now, talking about the same old things (people) we are at this moment. And I cried because I love us and I love this and I’ll miss this.

It’s sadly sweet to look to the past with such fondness. And I equally look to the future with excitement and fervor, knowing that the future holds moments that I will one day look back on with the same sweet sadness.

Driving over the Williamsburg Bride…

…with the juxtaposition of a rusty old J train clanking to my left, and the most magnificent city I’ve ever seen to my right. Radiant. Shimmering. Pulsating with life so vivacious it’s right out of a sci fi novel. The Empire boasting a cobalt blue, which I assume is to honor the Mets, who are doing exceptionally well.

Overwhelmed, I start to cry.  My cab driver, a person from a totally different background and culture than me says, “It’s beautiful, right?”

See, the truth is I always thought New York could save me. If not save me, embrace me. If not embrace me, teach me.

And it has done all that and more, for a little lost soul trying to find the meaning of life and love in this overwhelming, complicated and beautiful city.


Miami: The Calm After The Storm

The storm known as Lindsey & Roe.

(9 AM)

We got up rather early and utilized Yelp to locate the closest drugstore in order to purchase their entire inventory of Gatorade. Located on Lincoln Road, a shopping destination of Miami, was more than enough suppliers of the yellow elixir to cure our ailments.

(11 AM)

Next, onto the beach! The sun was outrageously strong so I had to shield my already burnt skin from the rays. The beaches of Miami are beautiful, with shallow, clear waters, perfect for “swimmers” like me who don’t care to go too far out or plummeted by waves.


(2 PM)

After a bit of time we relocated to the pool where there were ample umbrellas to hide under and the drink of choice was now a Miami vice: part piña colada and part strawberry daiquiri. After once again attending the hotel free wine happy hour, this time wayyyy more sober, we showered and got ready for a calm evening on the town.

Miami Beach

Surfcomber Miami

(7 PM)

Our first stop was the Fontainebleau. I’d stayed there before and deemed it an amazing spot for pre-dinner drinks and people watching. Several people asked us if we were with a company called “global”. They were having a luau, we considered crashing.


Afterwards, we went to Cleo for dinner. Located at The Redbury hotel, this spot served up unique, sharable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. My favorite was the feta and the raviolo (cause I’m fancy like that).

(11 PM)

We were too tired and full to step it up and get crazy again (praise be to the lord).




I’m in Miami Trick

We flew to Miami to celebrate my best friends big 3-0. And much like our trip last year to New Orleans (which I thankfully did NOT document in full detail), this year’s trip also began with drunken ruckus and wild laughter. I’ll skip the traveling part, which went relatively smooth and get right to the sun and drinks.


We stayed at the Surfcomber, a Kimpton Hotel right on the beach. I immediately fell in love with it the second we stepped foot in the lobby. Adorned with kooky art and wild furniture, I felt right at home. Since we were there early, we could not check into our room and decided to sit at the outdoor bar and toast to this special vacation.

When the sun is out and I can smell the salt water of the ocean, the only cocktail I can possibly consume is a margarita. Maybe beer. Also Pina Coladas. Ok, there are lots of drinks I’d consume in a beachy situation, but in this very moment I chose a marg. And as Roe ordered a Mojito, we embarked on an interesting night.first stop barIMG_1238

(3 PM)

We checked into our room and were surprised by a bottle of champagne called in for us by my cousin Jessie. Against our better judgements we popped it open and toasted the birthday girl. Our room was extremely cute and comfortable, featuring crisp white linens with a surfboard overhead. Greens and yellow accents around ensured a cheery vibe. After we attempted to master the selfie stick, we changed into our suits and once again headed for the outdoor bar.

SurfComber Miami Room

Being the annoying friend I am, I made Rosie model her new VS bikini. Super cute.


Mine is from ASOS, which is my savior when it comes to bathing suits.


Surfcomber Miami


Little did we realize I was half on fire and my body was as red as Satan himself. Since it was time for the hotels wine happy hour (free wine happy hour), it was time to go inside.

(11 pm)

I awake to not only my head pounding, but the whole room pulsating around me. Did we mean to go to bed at 8 PM on the first night of our vacation, or in true Lindsey & Roe fashion, did we get over excited and possibly indulge too much? Regardless, it hurt too much to think, so I got up to make some aspirin.

I heard a cry from the bed, “Lindssss… What happened?”

“I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure I’m dying and we FaceTimed Christine”.

“I need pizza”.

I’m willing to bet Roe was still drunk when she ordered the pizza, because she was barely speaking English and tipped the guy $20. But I must say, the pizza was probably the only good decision we made on the first day of our Miami adventure.



Spring Shoes

Yesterday was the perfect spring day. I indulged in a vanilla cone from Mister Softee, sat in the sun on my rooftop and scored these girly heels from Buffalo Exchange. I can’t wait to wear them with a frilly skirt of ripped jeans.

J Crew Sandals

J Crew

Happy Monday,



Spring Has Sprung

It’s spring-ish in New York.

I only add the ‘ish’ because I still need a leather jacket. But I was all smiles yesterday with my bare legs & booties. I even got to spend a little time outdoors when I met my Joy for rose and cheese at The Standard Grill. One could say it was the perfect day.

20150429_133506IMG_1501The Standard Grill – 848 Washington Street, at 13th Street, The Standard, High Line, New York, NY 10014






Easter 2015

When I think of Easter, I think of warm weather finally hitting New York, semi competitive Easter egg hunts and extremely girly outfits which always matched my cousins (#triplets).

grandkids 6

grandkids 8

This year I was honored to create the tablescape at my Dad’s second annual Easter celebration. We always hosted this holiday growing up, so it’s a treat to have it back in the DiCola household.

As I am usually a bit off beat, I went with a ‘hispter bunny’ theme centered around amazing plates from Pier 1. The centerpieces were leafy carrots and hydrangeas. Instead of place cards I used plant labels and purchased a mix of succulents and cacti (planting them in white ceramic pots). There was definitely a black and white motif between the striped paper straws, dot napkins and chevron candy holders. I was so happy with how everything turned out and learned some valuable lessons along the way (like flowers need water! Duh!).


IMG_4217IMG_4221IMG_0480The best part of the day was of course hanging out with my family and indulging in my Dad’s amazing cooking. We also welcomed a newcomer, my beloved co-worker Matty. He said our holiday was more fun in the first five minutes than all his combined (the jello shots might have had something to do with that).
IMG_4264IMG_4297IMG_4319-2IMG_4327IMG_4289If you follow me on SnapChat you probably saw all the Easter debauchery. I loved every single minute of it.

IMG_0475Photos by Luke DiCola



It’s La Familia

There are a lot of things in my life that haven’t gone exactly the way I planned. I think most people can say that. I was reminded of this in the most unusual way last Sunday when my family gathered for a home made brunch to celebrate my first best friend/identical cousin’s birthday. Everyone filled in the sun drenched room and sung, laughed and sipped Bloody Mary’s. I sort of got choked up looking at these people who have been such rocks in my life. I had the thought that, even though some things have not panned out in my favor, I have the love and support of these 8+ people forever. It was overwhelming.

The whole month of March has been an absolute treat. I wish I could freeze these moments to relive on the daily, because in these moments I truly feel whole.

Image-1 (4)



One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up!

Now Playing: Thrift Shop by Macklamore feat. Wanz

I bought this amazing Wink shearling jacket this winter at Buffalo Exchange. It’s a great buy, sell, trade store where you can get designer duds at great prices. I myself have dropped off some unwanted goods there. It’s perfect for when you need to do a spring cleaning and make closet room for updated items. Also, to get rid of trendy items that may no longer be in style.

As I look outside my window and see a mass of snow falling, I look forward to a warmer time when I can wear this jacket and other lightweight garments. I believe I only wore it once (in the pics below) because it’s an odd weight – too light to be a winter jacket but too heavy to be a sweater!  Fingers crossed spring comes soon, and if it doesn’t thank god I booked a trip to Miami.-

Wink NYC


I am stuntin’ and flossin’ and
Savin’ my money and I’m hella happy that’s a bargain, bitch



Whiskey in our Veins

NOW PLAYING: Irish Celebration by Macklamore

Of course I had to dress a bit festival today to celebrate my Irish heritage.


A rebellious nation of freckled face hustlers

Heart, blue collared workers and family

My heritage, proud to be a Haggerty

Now with whiskey in our veins

Claiming were the bravest men

I drank Old Crow, but pretended it was Jameson

Dad sipped Guinness, I sipped Old English

‘Til he sat me down at 16 and said “boy, this is what a beer is”.



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